Jean Francois Collett 14th Lorne Infection and Immunity 2024

Jean Francois Collett

Jean-Fran├žois Collet made significant discoveries during his PhD (discovery of one of the largest families of phosphotransferases) at UCLouvain and postdoctoral work at Michigan (engineering a novel pathway for disulfide bond formation in the bacterial periplasm). In 2005, he established his research group at the de Duve Institute (Brussels), focusing on envelope protein folding and protection from stress-induced damage. His group's contributions include identifying a periplasmic reducing system, a methionine sulfoxide reductase system, and the function of CnoX as a quality control device for the Hsp60 protein GroEL. Collet's research also uncovered the mechanism of the stress sensor RcsF and identified the BAM complex as a lipoprotein export machinery across the outer membrane. He is the co-director of the de Duve Institute, a full professor at UCLouvain, and a member of the Royal Academy of Belgium and of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium. With over 110 publications, including several in top journals like Nature, Cell, and Science, Collet has received numerous awards for his achievements.

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