Invited Speaker 14th Lorne Infection and Immunity 2024

T lymphocyte differentiation and function: Lessons learned from patients with inborn errors of immunity (#7)

Federica Sallusto 1
  1. ETH Zurich, Z├╝rich, Switzerland

We study the human immune system to address fundamental questions in the context of the immune response to different classes of antigens. Our efforts have resulted in the development of high-throughput cell-based screening methods to analyze the repertoire and functional diversity of effector, memory and regulatory T cells in immunocompetent individuals and in immunodeficient patients. These methods, together with high throughput TCRVB sequencing, which can analyze millions of T cell clonotypes in blood or tissues, single-cell gene expression analysis, and cell engineering are used to get insights as to the mechanisms of T cell differentiation and of immune-mediated protection and pathology.